Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Authentic faith-promoting anecdote for my LDS friends

This story was posted over on RfM by an authentic apostate (posting as "Hie/Goodbye to Kolob"), so I assume it is a true story. I'm copying it here because it made me laugh, and hopefully I won't accidentally strenghten anyone's testimony with it... ;-)

God punished me today for being a smart a** to the sister missionaries.

I saw two sister missionaries today crossing the street in Orem. I slowed down to wave them across. I rolled down my window and said with a smile on my face "You know, it's not true." They just turned their heads and walked off.

I drove off with this grin on my face. I reached down to grab my coffee and that damn plastic lid came loose and poured coffee on my shirt and crotch. Damn it!

(Sorry, I know I shouldn't be laughing at other people's misfortune, but I assume it was intended as a humorous story... :D)


Anonymous said...

Two sister missionaries were riding their bikes down an old european road. One says to the other, "I don't think I've come this way before".
To which the other replies, "I know, I think its the cobblestones."

C. L. Hanson said...


I love that one!!!

Thanks, murphymaphia. :D

Sideon said...

Isn't there a joke about nuns and riding a bike with a missing bike seat? :)

C. L. Hanson said...

How does that one go? I don't think I've heard it...

Sideon said...

The joke is something to the effect of a group of nuns on bikes and the last nun is huffing and puffing and making a lot of noise while they ride. The head nun yells out something like "keep it down or we'll put the bike seat back on!"