Sunday, April 02, 2006

So I broke down and just alphabetized...

My earlier strategy was to play favorites when organizing my "Outer Blogness" sidebar and put those blogs at the top whose bloggers post the most comments on my blog. But as more and more new blogs were popping up, it became just too complicated to keep it up!!! And I don't want to sit around asking myself stupid questions like "Do I like Tim's blog better? or Mary's?" So I just broke down and went with everyone's favorite linear ordering: alphabetical!!!

I know that's not terribly original, so if anyone else has a more creative idea to suggest to me, please comment!

There are some really great new exmo blogs here -- check them out!!! I found some through RfM, some through other sources, and some found me. I'm still maintaining my disclaimers because I don't want to feel like I have to agree with everything posted to a given blog in order to provide a link. I'm suggesting some blogs here that I think my readers may find interesting, not encouraging some sort of thought orthodoxy.

I've looked at all of the blogs that I've listed here as "Outer Blogness," and as far as I can tell they're all bona-fide exmo blogs. Looking over the links harvested from a recent blog list thread over on RfM, I think at least one believing Mormon guy slipped his blog in there. LOL!! Naughty, naughty!!! I don't object to linking to LDS blogs (as you can see from my sidebar), but ones that have persuaded me that they are interesting, not ones that get in the door through sneakiness!!! ;-)

Also, I thought it was really charming that Sideon asked Rebecca's explicit permission before linking to her blog here.

I would do that too, except that then it would take me friggin' forever to construct my sidebar. So instead I take more of an attitude of "Hey, you're on the Internet buddy!! If you don't want people reading your blog, then what the hell is it doing on the Internet?" That said, if anyone I've linked to objects to having a link from here to their blog, please comment below, and I'll be happy to remove it.

Also, if there are any exmo-interest blogs I've missed, it is just an oversight. If you would like me to provide a link to your blog, please comment here, and if it's not obvious, be sure to specify whether it is pro-Mo or post-Mo. :D


Cyn Bagley said...

Why thank you... for linking me to your sidebar. I found that alphabetizing was the best I could do for my sidebar. ;-) (evil laugh)

Joseph's Left One said...

I just have mine in the order I added them. Too lazy to alphabetize, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate having my blog included in your Outer Blogness blogroll, though I am not really an Exmo. I'm just a heretical Mormon with a lot of issues with the church.

Like jospeh's left one, I have just put mine in the order I added them. Can't figure out an easy way to alphabetize in typepad.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Equality!!!

Crazily enough, I was right in the middle of going down your blogroll and looking at all of the links!!! You've got some really fascinating blog friends there!!!

The thing is that even though I am unabashedly and unapologetically an exmormon atheist, I'm very interested in friendly discussion among believers and non-believers in the interest of increased understanding. So you can imagine that I was fascinated to find your list of borderline LDS blogs there, since the only sites I'd ever seen for mormon/exmormon discussion are fight boards like FAIR.

I'm tempted to link to the lot of your blog roll, but clearly they don't fall into either the "Bloggernacle" or "OuterBlogness".

Maybe I should create a third category for other LDS-interest blogs?

Sideon said...

Hey there, Chanson.

I may reconsider my own policy of asking before linking... how does the phrase go? "It's better to ask for forgiveness than for permission?"

My listings are psuedo alpha order. I don't add all the Outer Blogness links that are out there. One, some of them don't interest me and I don't interest them. Maybe I'm a blogger bigot? I'm still relatively new to the whole blogging thing, plus I'll be hosting my blog on my own server soon, so changes are a'comin'.

Enough of my rambling :) I hope you're well.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Sideon!!!

I understand about only wanting to link to those blogs you're actually following rather than potentially swamping your blogroll with noise.

Me, I'm a blog glutton though (or maybe a blog whore? ;-) ) so I just want to link to everybody!!! :D

Rebecca said...

I, too, found it charming that Sideon asked express permission. I generally take your approach and figure, hey, it's the internet...although I do try to ask (even if after the fact;)).

Anyway, in a strange coincidence (I assume it's a coincidence), you've added my brother's blog to your sidebar (Spencer). In another coincidence, I've just put up a blog ABOUT him. Although not technically an exmo, he could be considered one. He goes to church, lives it, but doesn't really believe it. After a crisis of faith he recently realized that his relationship with God is not tied to any religion and, as long as his wife is Mormon, he can be happy living like one and having his own, personal relationship with God. He's much easier to get along with than I am.

Anonymous said...

c.l. hanson:

I have listed the blogs under "DAMU Blogs" for Disaffected Mormon Underground. But I realize some exmos really aren't disaffected Mormons. Likewise, there are some that are close to being in the Bloggernacle (like Ned Flanders). Others are by exmos but don't really have a Mormon focus (like Beyond Ourselves or Blogging with a Hammer or Dooce). So I'm still trying to categorize them myself. My blog is by someone who is in the church but not of the church. I don't think many TBMs would appreciate my blog or the sites I link to, so it is probably more on the exmo side of things, but not really "anti" as that term is so often used. I'm sure that makes things clear as mud--kind of like an interview with GBH!

Eric said...

I always just add the new ones to the bottom of the list.

And to make things more interesting for you, I'm moving away from Formons as well as my personal blog and into a single blog that encompases my entire life, and not just one or two areas.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Rebecca!!!

It's no coincidence!!! I found his blog because he commented on your blog. Then I read a big chunk of it and said "Okay, looks like an exmo blog to me!!! And an interesting one at that."

But seriously, I've maybe been a little hasty about linking to these friend-of-a-friend blogs -- particularly in his case to list him by his real name as an exmo when he's not, so I've taken his link down.

Please tell me the URL of your blog about him, and I'll put it in my new list of "other LDS-interest blogs". :D

Rebecca said...

Oh, well, my blog about him is really just a POST about him ON my blog...I'm not sure he'd even mind being listed as an exmo (although I don't know for sure, so...). Anyway I know he wouldn't mind being listed on your "other blogs of interest" or something (he and his wife like the exposure, since he's a writer and she's a graphic artist), so if you want to link him there feel free.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Equality!!!

That's funny, I thought Ned Flanders was a member of the Bloggernacle. But maybe there's something of a continuum...

Wackily enough, I don't think of my blog as "anti" either since I'm perfectly happy to be respectful of my LDS friends and I have no agenda to deconvert them. I only poke gentle fun at them a teensy little tiny bit. ;-)

If anything, my agenda is to say "Here's my life as a friendly American exmormon atheist mom living in France. I'm happy, and I'm happy with the choices I've made. If you're happy with the choices you've made in life -- even if your worldview is very different from mine -- then good for you!!! Let's be friends!!!" :D

C. L. Hanson said...

Rebecca -- Okay, cool!!!

I'll add your brother as an other LDS-interest blog!!! :D

Joseph's Left One said...

I cheated. I just copied the code from your page source and pasted it into my blog.

Thanks for alphabetizing everything for me. :-)