Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Exmo-Social is dead -- Long live Exmo-Social!!!

Yep, on April 25, 2006, Benji Smith -- who had been operating Exmormondom's #1 party site since it spun off of RfM in January 2004 -- finally locked all the threads!!!

Exmo-Social is the board I credit with transforming me from an occasional user to a full-fledged Internet-addict!!! So of course I was sad to see the party house close its doors and lock up.

As of closing, I ranked #7 in total posts, after Kristen, chloejackson, Sharon C, Davey, Heather, and Rear Fender. Rounding out the top 20 after me were Feebee, antishock8, RONchee, bruniedog, zhu, Robear, Phil, lostatsea, TLC, TheBrewmeister, Nortinski, Joe, and Lilith.

But it's a lot of work keeping all of your customers satisfied -- even when you're providing a free service!!! And even with the fabulous help of two appointed admins (my brother John/Phil and later Sus), it's natural that Benji would eventually get tired of it. Thanks for all of your efforts!!!

Yet fear not party-lovers, exmo-socialites, and miscellaneous pervert-lurkers!!! Out of the ashes of the old Exmo-Social board, an all-new Exmo-Social is reborn!!!

In fact, those of you who are linking to Exmo-Social don't even have to update your links because the domain name has passed into the hands of the new management. Some of the regulars (led by Joe and Mateo) have been brave and foolhardy enough to install a brand-new forum at the old one's URL. And it's already starting to develop its own flavor, which is nice because it would be sad for it to just be an echo of the original.

The old board is still up and readable for archival purposes until May 22 -- you can find it by following a link in a sticky on the new board's "chit-chat" forum.

However, if there are any repectable people reading this post, I must warn you not to follow my sidebar link to Exmo-Social, and especially not to follow the sticky link to the old board!!! Please!!! I don't want to be liable for anyone's eyes popping out of their heads and exploding.

I'll just give you the usual Exmo-Social disclaimer, which is the following: Not all apostates are like those who frequent Exmo-Social. However, if you're looking for those few apostates who are massive party animals and/or unapologetic sex fiends, Exmo-Social is a good place to start.

And now for today's activity: the "where's chanson?" game!!! See if you can find my avatar in the above avatar collage made by my brother John. (Click on it for the full-sized image.)

As a hint, the avatar is just the head from this photo:


Joseph's Left One said...

I feel like I've missed out on a lot, but then if I went over there, I'd never get anything done.

And that's a great photo: adorable kid, and I can't quite read the expression on your face. But it works.

C. L. Hanson said...

Yeah, you probably don't need another time-eater... ;-)

If you were in Salt Lake or Utah Valley, I'd recommend checking it out if only to get involved in their real-life socializing.

My expression is "must-have-fun-yet-must-hold-tightly-to-baby-and-swing" ;-)

Cyn Bagley said...

I am not into socializing too much.. just a few at a time please. So I never missed the Exmo social. LOL

Like your pic.

Sideon said...

Great picture, Chanson!

I finally started on your book - I saved off copies of the pdf at work and at home so I can enjoy it at either place. So far I'm just on the 4th part of the first chapter.

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Cynthia!!! I know forums have a completely different flavor from blogs, so it's common to prefer one format over the other. I've been spending less time on my favorite forums since I've gotten hooked on blogging, but it's not quite down to zero... People can still find me on the new Exmo-Social. ;-)

Thanks Sideon!!! I hope you'll like the book!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by..

I can find your pic but not mine. :-(

Mine was a waist shot...just my navel and the top of my pants. Ring a bell?

Nice blog "chance"! :-)

C. L. Hanson said...


I don't see yours either, though I remember it well. ;-)

Probably what happened was that you put it up after this collage was made. My brother (Phil) made this collage right around the time he took over as admin, and he used all of the avatars that were in the database at the time.

Anonymous said...

Someone made another cool collage too. Can't remember now who that was.

I'll have to get caught up on your blog soon.

I used to blog, but somehow I skipped a day...than another day...a day became a week which became a month...and well, you know how it goes. :-)