Thursday, September 21, 2006

Spotlight on reminiscences

Today I've collected up all of the posts where I recount my (now legendary ;-) ) past exploits...

Personal Progress '89
This little "improvement" I made to one of the pictures in my "Personal Progress" workbook as a teen illustrates a bit about what I thought of these lovely rewards:

Youth Conference 1986
The boys of our ward had escorted us to the dance, all except Scott. They had done a hopelessly lousy job of it. The boys walked ahead in a glob and the girls walked in a glob behind.

My mother, being a chaperone there, was determined that the girls should escort the boys to the next one, to show them how it's done, and to be polite and return the favor.

"If the church weren't true, I'd be an atheist" and other things I learned in seminary....
One morning I awoke from my usual early-morning-seminary stupor to find that Sister Intellectual was talking about the lack of unbiased historical evidence for the existence of Jesus.

Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn...
Again because I have no shame, I'm reposting a bunch of immature stuff I wrote in my journal when I was 11 years

Why I hate church
Basically, my little friends and I would ask ourselves the following question: "Am I cold, tired, hungry, uncomfortable, bored, and have to go to the bathroom?" If the answer to that question was yes, we knew we were at church.

The Land Far-and-a-Half Away
When we got there, there were no people on the beach. So we decided to collect snail shells.

Then Johnny said "What a land, it's far-and-a-half away."

Suddenly a snail popped its head out of its shell. It wasn't a snail at all. Its head was so hairy all you could see was his eyes.

Naked People at Rutgers
The premise was that my main characters were transfer students representing a "clothing optional culture" (in California).

Naked People at Rutgers II
I'm not sure why I stopped drawing this comic strip after the second episode, but I think it was probably just that I ran out ideas. Basically, the whole point of the comic is "See? They're naked!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!"

I was able to milk that for two strips worth of material.

Celtic Knotwork
I used to joke around with my friends that this is the perfect hobby for me because it's Celtic and it's not work.

Hehe!! I'm such a jokemeister!!!

Maybe if I'd spent more time in grad school doing math rather than joke-smithing, learning French, and otherwise goofing off I'd be a Mathematician today rather than a code monkey... Ah, well, no sense worrying about it now...

Greetings from the planet Zoltron!
Yep, normally I try to hide that special triangular antenna I have on my head that I use to contact the planet Zoltron.

My deconversion, part 1: background
I was kind of a classic nerd, so Mormonism's "hip to be square" attitude fit my personality.

My deconversion, part 2: the evidence
This was a terrible blow, to learn that the physical evidence had been hidden away as a shameful thing and to hear an upsetting hint as to why.

My deconversion, part 3: the tipping point
She believed the stories her parents taught her with all her heart.

And her parents' stories and my parents' stories couldn't both be right.

This is me...
I've posted a lot of naughty things on this blog, and I'll probably post more, so I just thought that for balance I should post some photos to demonstrate how wholesome I really am!!!


Just one of many said...

I am partial to topics surrounding my children...I really enjoy your perspective on motherhood. No two mothers are alike!! :)

C. L. Hanson said...

Thanks Joom!!!

I like the Mommy stuff discussions in blog space too. :D

The Sinister Porpoise said...

Is this like my habit of telling people I don't drink tea or coffee because I had too much LDS in the 80s?

Sister Mary Lisa said...

You have GOT to stop posting these awesome writings from the past. I stayed up way too late reading them all. I love it! I never read your deconversion story before either. I left you all sorts of comments on the old postings.

:) L

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Sinister Porpoise!!!

You're stealing a line from Star Trek 4, aren't you? ;-)

I love that line where they say they did too much LDS in Berkeley in the '60's, especially since my dad attended Berkeley in 1969, and that's where he converted to Mormonism!!! Amazing but true!!! :D

Thanks Sister Mary Lisa!!!

You're too sweet!!! I replied to most of your comments on my old posts. :D