Thursday, July 05, 2007

You can't keep a science family down

a.k.a. What we really learned in Lourdes

As I explained earlier, we didn't learn quite as much religion when visiting Lourdes as a lot of families might have. On the other hand, we just can't help but find opportunities to learn some science everywhere we go.

There were tons of lizards all around the convent and its grounds, and I love observing little animals, so I started pointing them out to Nico and Leo whenever I would see them. Both kids were afraid of the lizards at first, but quickly got interested in looking for them and observing them.

Then the whole family got into the game, and my husband got some beautiful pictures:

a lizard of Lourdes

another lizard of Lourdes


Anonymous said...


You visited the Lourdes of the Lizards? ;-)

hm-uk said...

Ha, ha, Lourdes of the Lizards...

How about Lords of the Lourdes?

Hey Chanson...I've been lurking for a while now, but I'd like to say hello. To quote Stephen in 'Nacho Libre', "I don't believe in God...I believe in science!"

I'm living in London and am seriously DAMU (atheist in a family of converted TBM) - have been for 18 years. I'm enjoying your online novel - well done.