Sunday, April 06, 2008

BYU wrap-up

I hope you've enjoyed the five-chapter novella BYU which is part 4 of my novel Exmormon. Now all that remains is the bonus chapter (Interlude: Gratuitious Love Scene) which I'll be posting tomorrow.

Part 4 (+ interlude) marks the turning point in the novel, and not just because of the deconversion scene (which you'll note I ran on April Fool's Day out of courtesy to believers who might be happier thinking that part is just a joke). Additionally, in this novel about growing up Mormon, the first half has been mostly about girls, and the second half will be more about boys.

Now I have to get my drawing pencils out again and prepare the illustrations for Part 5: Polygamist, which I'm planning to start serializing on June 3!!!


Unknown said...

I can't make much of a comment, but hopefully I'll be caught up on the series by June. :)

C. L. Hanson said...

Cool, I hope you'll like it!!!

It's actually not that long. According to the logs, sometimes people come in and read all four parts (that have been posted so far) in a single sitting. It appears to take a few hours. It's more common, though, to just read either the latest installment or one of the four parts/novellas.