Monday, May 12, 2008

Today's Links...

Eugene Woodbury has responded here to some of the points in my review of Path of Dreams. He was a very good sport about taking the teasing bits in the friendly manner they were intended. And apparently he's got a new novel coming out, which we'll probably be hearing about soon.

One point I found noteworthy (the reason I'm writing a new top-level post about this) is that he mentioned my Questioning Objectification post, calling it "about the most rational thing I've read on the subject ever". This is atypical since that whole "women need to be protected from sexuality" thing is the main point where religious people usually agree with secular feminist theory. But I suppose there are dissenters all over, and -- as I said in my review of his book -- his outlook on sexuality is quite positive. By crazy coincidence, the same post about objectification got another strong recommendation from Black Regalia here, calling it a "really brilliant argument" and thanking her roommate for giving her the link. Thanks!!! I'm always pleased to see more attention for this article since it's one of my main contributions to feminist theory. :D

And if you're done reading The Humanist Symposium, don't forget that this past weekend was the weekend where THS shares the spotlight with that other fun atheist carnival the Carnival of the Godless.


Paul Sunstone said...

Hi Chanson! I've taken the liberty of inflicting an insufferable award upon you and your blog. Just thought you should know about it before the police start to question you.

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Paul!!!

Thank you so much!!! Since you talked about my novel, I'm adding your post to my reviews section here!!!