Thursday, May 26, 2011

Indulge me: one more Lego post...

I never finished my Lego tree house post because I wrote it on the day of the grand Blogger crash -- so I was only able to post the first half. Here's the rest:

Back when I made my Lego city, I felt like -- in my effort to build a whole city in a reasonable length of time -- I skimped on details and on the design of some of the buildings. (Though I did add some details I liked.)

So this time I decided to just design one play-set -- and pull out all the stops!! For instance, I made it open, and designed fun interiors:

Here you can see the fireplace, with food cooking over the fire:

Here's a side-view of what it looks like opened:

And here's the interior opposite the kitchen:

Leo wanted to have some secret compartments to hide treasures in, so I built some in. Here's the same view with two secret compartments open -- see if you can find them!

Above that small spiral staircase and ladder, we find the bedroom:

You can also access the bedroom from above:

Naturally, you do this by opening the top of the tree:

On the other side, you may notice a red roof:

which also opens so you can play inside:

For fun, I added the same thing nearer to the top of the tree:

You can open it to put characters in the upper rooms:

(If you look closely, you can see a mummy looking out one of the windows.)

So, that's my Lego tree-house playset -- hope you like it! :D


Louise said...

This is so fun, I love the attention to detail! I have about as much patience for lego as I do for puzzles (almost none) but luckily Ben is still a big fan. I'm anticipating a lot of lego fun with the girls in the future in our house too :-)

C. L. Hanson said...

Hey Louise!!!

You may surprise yourself!

I have to say, though -- I love it that my kids have gotten old enough to be interested in fun stuff like Legos! :D

Christopher Smith said...

This makes me wish my right hemisphere were more developed. My Lego creations were always pretty dull.

Anonymous said...

I saw your tree house and it reminded me of the LOTR elves that live in trees. :-)

MoHoHawaii said...

You should check out this guy who does LEGO nudes.

JentheHumanist said...

You are a true lego master. I bow down before you. (mmmmmm)

Andy said...

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