Sunday, June 03, 2012

Whatever will I do with you, tube...?

I have got one-hundred-million-and-one things to do at once for my trip to the US in about a month!! And you can see it's had a bit of a negative impact on my blogging...

However, our family YouTube channel is going strong!! Nico keeps inventing new series to upload, plus here's another episode of the Lost Generation!!

This is the first one where my mom makes an appearance (playing my brother John's mom, surprisingly enough).

I also made a sequel to my best Minecraft video -- this time talking about how the X-ray TNT glitch affects castle-building strategy in intriguing new ways:

I have to confess that the strategy for building an audience on YouTube still kind of eludes me. This one has gotten exactly one view so far -- despite the fact that I posted is as a response to a much more popular video. My main experiences with YouTube is spending hours and hours making a video, and then finally feeling validated if I can get 100 views and a kid bothers to comment and tell me it's cool, lol. ;)

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