Saturday, September 10, 2022

Our Totally Normal Apartment Building!

This apartment building is essentially my own design, but it was strongly inspired by a few different Creator sets.

The original inspiration was one of the b-side designs from set #5891 in which a square house has a top floor and a roof module that each lift off.

If you look at our apartment building in the original (pre-Grim) version of Totally Normal Town, you can see that it's just that set with one additional floor added.

For the 2019 build, I started with the same idea, but decided to make it look more like an apartment building than a weird, tall house.

The window trim and other decorative elements are largely inspired by the bike shop and café set #31026 (which you'll see more of later in this series).

I'll include some more pictures below so you can see the whole building, plus some pictures of a fruit and vegetable stand of my own design (which was also partially inspired by a tiny vegetable plot in the same bike shop and café set).

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