Saturday, September 10, 2022

A Totally Normal Train Station

The Train station in Totally Normal Town isn't much to write home about. It's just the Winter Village train station set #10259 with some minor alterations:

1. I removed all of the snow and Christmas decorations to make it a Summer train station.

2. I changed the orientation of the tracks to make it fit better in its lot in Totally Normal Town.

3. I changed the names of the railway company and the destinations.

You can see that we used the acronym "SMCPTNT" throughout our railway system. This is a riff on the acronym of the French national railway system "SNCF" (la Société nationale des chemins de fer). Ours is "la Société municipale des chemins de plastique de Totally Normal Town."

The train is also a set: it's set #10254, the Winter Holiday Train. I think I did not buy this set (just built it from existing pieces from my collection) since there are a lot of substitutions -- notably I made the locomotive yellow instead of green.

I love trains and train travel, so I'm not super thrilled with how car-centric Lego cities tend to be. I only managed to include this one little train line to the magic portal in this incarnation of Totally Normal Town.

Maybe I'll succeed in integrating better public transit in the next round.

The candy shop is even less interesting -- it's just set #31077 with no alterations at all.

When I show this town to guests, I usually ask them which buildings they think are sets and which are my original designs. They rarely guess correctly.

As fun as that game is, though, I think I'll try to avoid including buildings that are just purchased sets in future iterations of this town.

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