Saturday, September 10, 2022

Welcome to Totally Normal Town!

It's finally time to document Totally Normal Town because it looks like our little town "has the Grim" again...

Totally Normal Town was founded in 2018 when I bought a set of three serving tables to place under the stairs and build Legos on.

In the town's first incarnation, we simply gathered up all of the built Lego sets that we had on shelves and dressers around our apartment and placed them together on this table. The town got its name because it's so totally normal to have such an eclectic collection of buildings such as our apartment building, two castles (one medieval, one ice), a chunk of Atlantis, a snake-head building, Hogwarts, etc.

The town was named (and destroyed) in a 2018 video in which the kids' Divination teacher Professor Trelawney predicted that "the whole town has the Grim"! (Yes, the kids were attending Hogwarts since it was the only school in Totally Normal Town.)

Immediately after this tea-leaf divination, the entire town was totally destroyed by a series of attacks from different vehicles -- beginning with Daisy Duck in a construct-o-mec and ending with the Millennium Falcon.

Yet Totally Normal Town is made of magical Christmas Legos -- hence can never truly stay destroyed. Over the rubble of the first version, a new Totally Normal Town was built (mostly by me, mostly in 2019).

Of course we always knew that (as is totally normal) our town would one day have the Grim again. It seems Professor Trelawney is projecting the next total town annihilation for October or November of this year. If it happens early enough, the town will rise again as a Christmas village before morphing into its third incarnation.

But I'm really proud of many of the buildings I designed and built, so I'd like to do a series of posts about them here with the label TotallyNormalTown.

And here are various views of the town as a whole:

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